Farm Fresh Vol. I

The Rusty Coop

Farm Fresh

Everyone knows that I am about to embark on grand new adventures in farming so I am planning to post what I learn along the way. You, too, will be educated in farming lingo and concepts as I learn.  Aren’t you glad?

Here we go.

Shredding: That means mowing. Why don’t they call it mowing?  I honestly have no idea. All I know is that our farm is supposed to be shredded any day now.

Cross-fenced: That means a fence within your property lines that separates one part of the land from another. We have about five pastures that are cross-fenced on our 30 acres.

Tank: That means pond. Some people call it a tank and some people call it a pond.  I’m going with pond.

Snakes: This is my #1 biggest concern about moving to our land because we have at least 4-5 acres of water features on the land. Everyone swears that snakes are more afraid…

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