The Rusty Coop

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Right now, in my classroom, I am modeling writing for my students about my favorite time of year.  As I help them get started on their expository essays, I reflect and begin writing about my own favorite time of year.  That time is now.  Right now.  When people stop and REMEMBER to be thankful.  When thankfulness is thoughtfully considered and put into practice.

My family is in a season of abundant blessings.  It is overwhelming.  Overwhelming to be on the receiving end of God’s grace and abundance.  Only moments ago during lunch, a dear friend came and visited with me in my classroom and we were both moved to tears by the goodness of God in our lives.  The years of hardships and struggles have been replaced, at least for now, with times of wonderful blessings and abundance.  To be honest, it almost feels uncomfortable for me right now.  There have been several…

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