Runaway Train

The Rusty Coop


A crazy runaway train ride.  That’s what the last couple of weeks have felt like. But in a thrilling kind of way. Not the scary “it’s-gonna-crash” kind of way, but the “this-is-the-most-thrilling-thing-I’ve-ever-done” kind of way.

For about eleven years now, The Outdoorsman and I have been on a pretty exciting journey. We met, got engaged 6 weeks later, and were married about two months after that. It scared some people who know that I usually don’t make quick major decisions in my life. I am a very deep, analytical thinker. Everything goes under a microscope and is heavily weighed, balanced, and decided upon with extreme care and caution.

The Outdoorsman and I have patiently waited as God worked out a myriad of details in our lives over the past eleven years. We knew that we wanted to eventually move closer to The Trooper who lives almost 200 miles from our…

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