Little House

The Rusty Coop


This is a scary, uncertain time in my life. This is also an exhilarating, certain time in my life.

My personality is definitely one that wants steadfast security, the ability to predict the future, and the knowledge that my decisions are correct. It is crippling at times the way I struggle to know which route to take and which dream to pursue.

As far as my teaching career goes, I am sure that I was made for that. God placed it in my heart at the age of 7 and I have been certain of it since that day. The uncertainty waltzes in concerning my creative side. The side that wants to decorate, create, and do something completely different from expected.  The side that has written about, dreamed about, and planned the day I would own my own farm.

My husband, The Outdoorsman, and I are facing some huge decisions…

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