The Journey Begins


Our Green Acres Adventure has been in the making for quite some time.  In fact, I would venture to say that God designed The Outdoorsman and me for this journey when we were very young.

Throughout my life growing up in the sprawling city of Houston, Texas, I found myself writing and daydreaming about life in the country.  I wrote about it in my school papers.  Little House on the Prairie was my favorite show.  John Denver was my favorite singer.  Horses were my favorite animal.  (Until one picked me up by the hair and swung me off of the ground!) I constantly imagined myself walking in rolling fields with large, majestic trees scattered around.  In fact, on my drives to and from Texas A&M University during my years there, I would pick out farms along the way and imagine that, some day, I would purchase it and  live there with my family.

My parents grew up in small, close-knit towns in Missouri and Tennessee and our family frequently make the journey to those two states to visit their childhood homes and relatives.  It was invigorating for me to spend our vacations on the farms of my great uncles and cousins. What was it that captured my attention?  Was it the scenery, the animals, the houses, or the people?  I honestly think it was a combination of all of those things.  The peace I felt in those surroundings just felt like home to me.  My guess is that the simplicity of life and the sincere friendliness of the people captured my heart.

In less than a month, The Outdoorsman, our three children, and I will take possession of a 30-acre farm with a house, a red barn, a rustic outbuilding, a large pond, a ravine, a small pond, large pastures, a beautiful forest, and gorgeous oak trees scattered throughout the land.  There is nothing about this farm that doesn’t match the dream I had created in my mind as a child.

Ever since we learned that our offer on the farm was accepted, I feel as though I am holding my breath.  Holding my breath and waiting for it all to REALLY happen.  Wanting to close on the deal and move there so it will become our family’s reality and not just a dream.  I literally can’t wait until we close and take possession and begin making our own personal mark on Green Acres.

Our goals over the next 6 weeks are plentiful:  Clean and de-clutter our current house.  Place our house on the market.  Sell our current house. Close on the farm.  Take possession of the farm.  Paint the exterior of the farm.  Paint the interior of the farm.  Begin moving all of our possessions to the farm.  Oh, yeah….celebrate Thanksgiving, enjoy family time, and celebrate Christmas somewhere in there, too.   Just a small to-do list.

In the coming months, there will be many projects to complete and opportunities to learn about life on the farm.  We will be renovating, painting, decorating, shredding, and learning along the way.  We will be researching farm animals, predators, fencing, plants, ponds, crops, grazing, and overall farm life.   The Outdoorsman is honestly one of the smartest, most knowledgeable hunters, fisherman, builders, and outdoorsmen I have ever known.  I, on the other hand, have A LOT to learn about all things farming.  I plan to educate my readers as I become educated concerning farm life.  My goal is to take my readers along for the ride.

We would love for you to join us on our Green Acres Adventure!!  Please sign up to follow my blog at to go on this adventure in farm life with our family.  Also, check out my other blog at to learn more about our family and raising children.

Thank you for joining us on this adventure!

The Head Hen


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