Morning Drive


Like huge cups of hot coffee dotting the landscape, the steam rising over dozens of ponds on my way to work brings a warm smile to my heart. During the past couple of weeks, we have had several days of cold temperatures and, because our farm is snuggled nicely into a lower area of the landscape that funnels cold air, my car windows have already been iced over several times.  The Outdoorsman and I have been eagerly anticipating the cooler weather because, let’s be honest, it has been no fun at all to feed farm animals in the sweltering heat for the past five months. It seems as if the heat would never end here in Central Texas.

As I drove to work this morning, my eyes were absorbing the steaming ponds, the cattle grazing on the still-lush-and-green hills, and the beautiful sunset over the horizon. My thoughts quickly drifted to the fact that I am actually blessed enough to be living out my life’s dream. Driving along a beautiful country road towards a lovely town with even lovelier people waiting to be taught and, at the end of each day, being blessed enough to go back to a home that is quickly becoming my favorite place on planet Earth.

In addition to living in such a scenic area of Texas, I am so blessed by my husband and our three children that I could almost feel guilty for the joy that is in my heart concerning them all. However, God quickly reminded me that “the LORD has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes.” (Psalm 118:23) There have been some meandering, dusty roads that have been traversed by The Outdoorsman and me in years past. Detours we did not enjoy at all. Years of wandering aimlessly in places without any scenery to speak of at all. Yet, God spoke to us very clearly during those years as He slowly led us both to Him, one another, and our final destination.

The “years-of-the-not-fun-detours” are the reason I will never grow tired of gazing at the beauty of God’s handiwork. The peace in my mind and my heart allows every single color of every single sunset to soak deeply into my mind and heart. I frequently say it is God who has done this and my friends remind me that I was teachable and I allowed Him to do a work in my heart. Yes, I will admit that is true.  It was a choice I had to make to be teachable during the difficult times.  Let me encourage you to keep looking only to God and seeking His wisdom if you, too, would like to be led on an amazing journey to the destination God has been planning for you all along. Trust Him as He leads you along the dry and dusty detours of life and know that He will reveal Himself to you in a marvelous way once you begin traveling in the right direction.

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