Lazy Days of Summer

Well, many of you saw the pictures of the two Copperheads that we almost stepped on during our walk around Green Acres last week. They provided a wake up call for us, for sure, because we had seen many snakes over the past year, but no poisonous snakes in the areas where we frequently walk during our nightly outings with the dogs. I have always been keenly aware of snakes and wear boots along with carrying a walking stick with me most of the time.

The snakes reminded me of the precariousness of our new life. The balance between fun and work, joy and danger, relaxation and responsibility. We have definitely learned the value of hard work on our farm. We see how thirty acres can quickly seem out of control if you let it go for even a week or two without mowing or cleaning up in certain areas. We have also seen the effects of rain, sun, and wind on our land. We love rain, but not too much rain or everything becomes messy. We love sun, but not too much sun or the grass begins to wither. We love the breeze, but not too much wind because it dries everything up quickly. A delicate balance is desired in every aspect of our lives.

The Outdoorsman and I are both learning the delicate balance that comes with working full-time jobs and ranching. We are learning that we, sometimes, have to change our expectations into something more realistic with our limited time. We are learning that certain times of the day are hot in Central Texas so you have to adjust your schedule to allow for more time outside in the mornings and late evenings just before dark. Do as the animals do. Find a tree or a porch to sit under for a spell. Find a chair to take a long nap. Find a pond to stand in for a while. Do not make plans to work or fret about work during those long hours of the afternoon sun.

Thank goodness, I think I am finally learning to slow down and relax after living for fifty years in the city. I have only been out of school for one week and I already feel different about this summer. This is the first summer I have allowed myself to just sit and read magazines and books, relax and chat on the phone with friends, look incessantly at ideas on Pinterest, watch animals out the window without going outside, and put off work in order to do whatever I want. It’s going to be an amazing summer on Green Acres.

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