Farm Fresh Vol. 2


There are some things I am learning quickly about farm life even before we make the official move to the farm in five days.  Here are some of the things that are foremost in my mind after the past two weeks spent driving to and from Green Acres.

Driving in the country is very different from driving in the city.  First of all, the roads are very narrow.  And winding.  And hilly.  Cars drive about 80 mph on the narrow, winding, hilly roads as if there is not an issue here at all.  There are no shoulders on many of the roads which, for me, means no room for error.  This would all be terrifying for me if the scenery weren’t so beautiful and worth the terrifying driving experience.

Animals are everywhere.  There are animals you actually own, animals wandering through your land, animals walking across the street, and animals in every pasture along the road.  It is an animal lovers dream.  I am in heaven.  (Except I am on earth.)

You automatically feel more relaxed when you are looking at beautiful things.  I have so much going on right now that it isn’t even funny.  I am showing and trying to sell our house in the city, I am giving finals and trying to finish up grades for my students, I am needing to pack up both my school room and my entire house, and I am trying to get our farmhouse ready for our arrival in five days.  These things would normally have me in a state of complete and total panic, but the fact that I have been to the farm several times in the past week and I see much-needed relief in my busy schedule is helping keep me at peace.  God knows me so well and knows how much I need this sanctuary for my mind.

Change is scary, but good at the same time.  This entire adventure is pretty overwhelming for me at times.  We are moving our entire family away from the city where I was born, away from both of our entire families, away from our close friends,  away from what is familiar and easy, and away from the security of jobs and family we have been surrounded with for years.

We are moving towards new jobs, moving into a less-than-perfect house, moving towards a less-than-convenient lifestyle, and moving towards a life we have always wanted but never been able to achieve until this moment.

We know that there may be challenges ahead that are unexpected.  Chores that seem overwhelming at times with farm animals and 30 acres of land to manage.   We do know and realize that this change may not be easy or seamless for us, but we understand this and accept the fact that it will take hard work, dedication, and perseverance to make this dream a reality.  We are ready for the challenge.  We are also ready for the rewards of this undertaking.

There will be many more “Farm Fresh” posts in the months to come, I am sure.  There is much for me to learn, much for me to share, and much for me to be thankful for concerning our Green Acres Adventure.



2 thoughts on “Farm Fresh Vol. 2

  1. I am glad you are finding the countryside so beautiful. I do, too. When we made our move here, some people told me that living here full time would make the scenic life as tiresome and stressful as the life we had back in the city. They were wrong! I cherish ever day I get to greet the deer, cows, and sunrise on my “commute” to work. I feel blessed to have been able to make this change for my family.
    Thank you for sharing your adventure.


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